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Note: The latest version of Play Sound is compatible with Mac OS X 10.2.8 through Mac OS X 10.5 on both Power Macintosh and Intel-based Macintosh computers.

Note: Play Sound version 1.6 and later runs in Mac OS X only. If you want to run Play Sound in Classic Mac OS (Mac OS 9 or earlier), please download Play Sound version 1.5.3.

Play Sound is a simple, no-fuss sound player for Mac OS X. It supports QuickTime sound files (for example, AIFF or MP3 files), Classic Mac OS System 7 sound files (files with a file type of 'sfil' that contain 'snd ' resources), or any 'snd ' resources embedded into any file. You can play an unlimited number of sounds concurrently or one at a time. You can loop sounds, repeat sounds, play specified portions of sounds, control the volume of sounds played, pause and continue sound play, and press the Escape or Command-Period keys to abort sound play.

To use Play Sound as a simple sound file player, simply drag and drop the sound file(s) onto the Play Sound icon in the Mac OS Finder. Better yet, you can configure the Mac OS X Finder to automatically open sound files with Play Sound whenever you double-click them (see Using Play Sound As a Sound Player in the documentation for easy instructions showing how to do this).

Play Sound is fully scriptable, allowing AppleScript writers to use simple, easy-to-understand English syntax to play most QuickTime-supported sound files, Classic Mac OS System 7 sound files, and even 'snd ' resources that are embedded directly in script applets. To script Play Sound, you call it from any AppleScript script or application.

It's a breeze to incorporate Play Sound into your scripts:

Play Sound is designed, from the ground up, to run all the time, in the background. While idle, the Play Sound application uses 0% of the CPU, and uses very little memory. Running in the background allows Play Sound to process incoming play requests with lightning speed. In fact, due to the system resources needed in Mac OS X to launch applications, launching and quitting Play Sound each time you want to play a sound places more load on your system than simply leaving Play Sound running in the background!

Play Sound is a scriptable faceless background application. While it is running, it is not displayed in the Dock or Application Switcher menu, and does not have a user interface. This type of packaging offers certain benefits over the traditional scripting addition packaging:

The Play Sound package contains all you need to get started:

  • Play Sound faceless background application
  • complete documentation
  • numerous example scripts

Try out Play Sound and let your scripts come to life!

Download Play Sound